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About Us

At Flame Sports Academy, we believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training and have been a leading academy since 2010. Our staff members at Flame Sports Academy are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of likeminded people who love being healthy and strong. Getting you in shape is our goal. Learn more about our methods.


Opening Hours

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Monday-Thursday: 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday:  10:00 am - 1:00pm

Sunday- Closed

Let Us Be Your Guide

Personal training is the most effective way to reach your fitness goals. Our certified staff will work with you to keep you motivated and educated while you focus on your goal. We have a wide range of training tools such as Vertimax Training, Shooting Training, and Elite Allstar Training.


Vertimax Training 

Unlike any other training equipment, Vertimax Platforms is specifically designed to maximize athletic potential by focusing on three key components: speed, explosive power and vertical jump.

VertiMax's advanced resistance technology allows athletes of all ages to train in the horizontal plane with loads on specific areas of the body that result in extraordinary athletic performance improvements.

VertiMax technology is used by leading world class olympic athletes, professional athletes, and college, high school, and youth sports athletes.


Shooting Training 

The basketball shooting machine will act as an automatic rebounder, instantly rebounding a made or missed shot and giving a direct return pass for another shot.

Fast Action Shooting – passer keeps players moving and catching, shooting and moving to next spot.

Timing Device to determine the distance and the speed of your return passes… thus creating situations where players can develop their shooting skills off the move and with game like intensity. Any beginner or advanced shooter can now easily practice quick release shots or shots off the dribble.

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